Clinics, classes, workshops and workouts that help you hone technique, improve performance, avoid injury and more

All TRI-MANIA training clinics, classes, workshops and workouts are offered at Boston University’s Fit Rec Center and are developed to give athletes an opportunity to get in depth, hands-on instruction from leading coaches and experts in their field.  These clinics and workshops promise a generous coach/instructor to athlete ratio to maximize the learning opportunity for each participant.

The following clinics and workshops require registration and a fee to participate (click the title for more information and to register):

The following programming is FREE to attend but space is limited and registration is required (click the title for more information and to register):



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Creating a Winning Half Distance Triathlon Training Plan: A Workshop with JOE FRIEL
Joe Friel is arguably one of the most experienced and respected triathlon coaches in the world and in this workshop Joe will help guide athletes on how to more effectively prepare for a half distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run). This 90-minute workshop will cover general concepts in training (e.g. polarized intensity, pacing, volume), big-picture periodization, workout planning, individualization of training, race-day nutrition, proper recovery and more

Price: $59 for one, $109 for your and a friend; ; Duration: 90 minutes; Time Offered: 8:00am

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Unlocking the Secrets and Science of Speed: A Workshop with JOE FRIEL
If you are looking to get faster at a sprint or olympic distance triathlon this season here’s your opportunity to learn from one of the all-time great coaches, Joe Friel. This 90 minute workshop will focus on becoming faster in the swim, the bike and the run based on the critical elements of performance associated with each leg of a triathlon. It will also include how training technology (e.g. heart rate monitors, power meters, GPS devices) can be used to improve your speed training.

Price: $49 for one, $89 for your and a friend; ; Duration: 90 minutes; Time Offered: 2:00pm

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ChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of Tai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a revolutionary running form and philosophy that takes the pounding, pain and potential damage out of the sport of running. This year’s TRI-MANIA offers attendees three ChiRunning clinics to choose from:

  • ChiRunning Level 1
  • ChiRunning Level 2
  • Chi Running Speed with Ease (NEW for 2016!)

Price: $59 for 1 or $105 for you and a friend; Duration: 2 hours; Times Offered: 8:00am and 2:30pm (Level I); 10:30am (Level II)

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Total Immersion Super-Efficient Freestyle Fundamentals
In this 90-minute clinic, you’ll learn the fundamentals of a super-efficient freestyle. By the conclusion of the clinic, Total Immersion guarantees you’ll swim with significantly more ease and comfort—and have the foundation for years of continuous improvement.

Price: $75; Duration: 75 minutes; Times Offered: 7:10am, 8:30am and 1:30pm

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The First-Time Triathlete Workshop
If 2016 is the year you take the plunge into the great sport of triathlon this is a workshop that will help make your first experience in the sport a great one.  From an overview of “Triathlon 101” (what the heck is “transition” anyway?), to knowing what equipment you need (and DON’T need) to basic training and nutrition tips and more you’ll come away confident and ready enjoy the experience.

Price: $49; Duration: 90 minutes; Time Offered: 9:30am

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Kettlebell Training for Triathletes
The kettlebell has truly evolved into a “game changer” in the strength and conditioning field. No training tool is better for efficiently and effectively building total body and “race day” stability, mobility, and strength for triathletes. The focus of this course will be on the proper instruction and execution of basic kettlebell skills.  The class will be led by Coach Al Lyman, co-owner and founder of Pursuit Athletic Performance, who possesses coaching certifications from USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and USA Weightlifting.

Price: $20; Duration: 60 minutes; Time Offered: 11:00am-12:00pm

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Eat to Peak: What You Need to Know to Create a Winning Nutrition Plan
In this hands-on 90-minute presentation, Chrissy Carroll, a Registered Dietitian, will prepare you with the ins and outs of triathlon nutrition for training and race-day.  Attendees will discover tried and true tips to create athlete-friendly pre-exercise and recovery meals and how to use whole foods as well as commercial products to fuel yourself during an event.  This workshop includes interactive food demonstrations to help you understand how to put this knowledge into practice!

Price: $39; Duration: 90 minutes; Time Offered: 8:00am-9:30am

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Weight Management for the Female Triathlete
Do you struggle with balancing your weight while trying to eat right to fuel triathlon training? Attend this workshop to learn strategies for maintaining a weight that feels right for you. Led by Registered Dietician, Chrissy Carroll, this workshop will review how you should alter your nutrition plan from in-season to off-season, appropriate macronutrient balance for those aiming to lose weight, as well as nutrient timing to support weight management without sacrificing training. Watch and participate in interactive food demos that reveal tips & tricks for creating healthy meals that fill you up but don’t fill you out.

Price: $39; Duration: 90 minutes; Time Offered: 9:45am-11:15am

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Open Water Swim Skills
Let’s face it… swimming in the open water during a triathlon can be intimidating and not something you can practice on your own or in real open water in New England in the middle of March.  That’s why we’re excited to welcome coach Craig Lewin of Endurance Swimming who will lead a unique open water swim skills clinic in the pool at BU’s Fit Rec Center at TRI-MANIA.  With pool lane lines pulled to the side and buoys dropped into the water, participants in this 45 minute clinic will get expert advice on sighting, drafting, pack swimming, turning and more.

Price: $39; Duration: 45 minutes; Times Offered: 8:30am, 9:15am, 2:30pm and 3:15pm

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Marathon Physical Therapy Fitness and Wellness Studio
The Marathon Physical Therapy Fitness and Wellness Studio is brought to you by Marathon Phyiscial Therapy and Sports Medicine and offers a variety of FREE to attend classes that help you understand how your body works and what you can do to improve your overall fitness and athletic performance. See below for the list of available classes and click here for details on each and to sign up.

  • Performance Begins in the Pelvis (8:00am-8:45am)
  • Functional Movement Screens (FMS; 15 minute screenings available between 9:00am and 10:30am)
  • Video Gait Analysis (VGA; 30 minute assessments available 9am to 10:30am)
  • Functional Strength & Corrective Cross Training Strategies for Endurance Athletes (11am-12:pm)
  • Yoga for Endurance Athletes – Combining Movement & Breath to Break Through Barriers (12pm-1pm)

Price: FREE; Class Durations: Varies; Time Offered: See above

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Enhancing Your Power and Endurance Through Proper Shoulder and Thoracic Mobility
In this free-to-attend 1 hour workshop led by Brad Cox, CEO and Co-Founder of ACUMOBILITY, attendees will learn how to assess underlying shoulder and thoracic mobility patterns, to identify restrictions that can negatively impact your power production in cycling, swimming and running.  Attendees will then learn how to fix these restrictions using a combination of active mobilization techniques that focus on trigger point release, dynamic fascial stretching and muscular re-patterning exercises.

Price: FREE; Duration: 60 minutes; Time Offered: 12:00pm

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Bike Fit 101: Maximize Your Comfort, Power and Efficiency with a Professional Bike Fit
A professional bike fit will place you in a comfortable, powerful, and aerodynamic position. Whether you’re looking at the fine line between aerodynamic drag and power production to shave minutes off your bike split, or are exploring why you have never had a comfortable saddle, a bike fitting addresses your goals and concerns directly and personally.

Price: FREE; Duration: 60 minutes; Time Offered: 11:15am-12:15pm

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“Ask the Coach” Tutorials and Consults with VMPS Coaching
Sign up for one of the “Ask the Coach” sessions at the VMPS booth on the TRI-MANIA expo floor hosted by experienced and friendly coaches at VMPS. Topics include “Your Marathon Taper”, “First Time Ironnman Q&A”, “Making the Jump from Ironman Finisher to Kona Qualifier, “Smart Bike Modifications” plus training plan reviews and more. Each session is at a scheduled time and set up to be in an interactive and small group format. All sessions are FREE and pre-registered participants receive a 22 ounce Specialized Purist water bottle as a gift.

Price: FREE; Duration: 30 minutes; Time Offered: Click “More info” for the topics and schedule

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Ironstrength Workout with Dr. Jordan Metzl
As featured on NBC’s Today show, and National Public Radio, and in Runner’s World magazine and the New York Times, the Ironstrength workout provides functional strength training for injury prevention and performance enhancement for athletes of all ages and abilities. Created and led by Dr. Jordan Metzl, renowned sports medicine physician, best selling author of the Exercise Cure and the Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies, 31x marathon runner and 12x Ironman triathlete, Ironstrength teaches athletes of all ages how to build strength and reduce the aches and pains of every life in the process. Dr. Metzl will teach you the keys of functional movement and preventive strengthening, all with some great tunes and plenty of huffing and puffing. You’ll hate it, and then you’ll love it.

Price: FREE; Duration: 50 minutes; Time Offered: 2:30pm

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The Content Guide to TRI-MANIA 2016 is now available. This guide organizes all the seminars, clinics, classes, workshops, etc. that TRI-MANIA has to offer by topic (e.g. swimming, biking, running, nutrition, etc.). Find out what’s free to attend and what’s not… and when and where it’s happening.

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Click here to download the 2016 TRI-MANIA Master Schedule of Events. Other than the Marathon Sports running events at the Boston University Track & Tennis Center, all TRI-MANIA events and activities take place at Boston University’s Fit Rec Center.








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